ROMOR project organizes a trip to the Climate Change Center in Vienna, Austria

ROMOR project team at the Islamic University of Gaza organized a trip to the Climate Change Center in Vienna, Austria. This visit comes as part of exchanging expertise and scientific visits and research carried out by the project in Vienna.

The center held a lecture discussing the work scope of the center and it goals. It also discussed the infrastructure of the center’s work related to climate change, its processing and analysis and how this benefits climate change predictions in Austria and the world.

In the same context, the visit also included a meeting with the center’s management and discussion on how Palestine could learn from the center’s experience.

Rawyia Awadallah, the ROMOR project manager commended the center and its role in providing data relating to climate change. She also praised the infrastructure which the center’s work is based on in collecting and analyzing data. The visit included a delegation from partner universities in ROMOR project: the Islamic university, Berzeit University , Al –Quds Open University and the Technical University of Palestine.