A visit to the University of Parma in Italy within the scope of the ROMOR project


Within the scope of the Erasmus+ EU-funded ROMOR project activities, Dr. Rawia Awadallah, the project coordinator and Prof. Dr. Samir Afifi visited Parma University in Italy from 5 to 6 July 2018 to follow up the project management activities. Dr. Rawia presented the latest project achievements of the different WPs and go through ROMOR future planned activities. The visit included meeting with specialists and experts in different scientific and technical disciplines from the Palestinian and European sides. Within the visit, a coordination meeting was held for the project partners from Parma University, Brighton University, Khaduri Technical University to follow up the administrative and financial aspects of the ROMOR project.

The program included a meeting with experts in the field of computer, water management, environment and climate change, where specialists from Parma University presented their previous research experience and discussed the possibility of future partnerships in different fields of research with specialists from the Islamic University of Gaza and other Palestinian universities.

The possibilities of bilateral and multilateral projects were discussed within the European Union programs. The planned cooperation is aimed at developing future relations to integrated joint works which will promote and increase the capacity of research expertise and administration skills of the Palestinian universities in the different scientific and technical fields.