Dissemination Workshop: Fair Research Data Management

The IUG Faculty of Information Technology and RomoR Project's team have convened at Al- Quds Building an intermediate dissemination workshop entitled, " Fair Research Data Management", which listed under the activities of RomoR Project " Research Output Management through Open Access Institutional Repositories in Palestinian Higher Education", co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme for the European Union.

The first session has had two aspects: the IUG RomoR Team's visit to Parma University, Italy; and the concept of open science and examples of the utilized tools. RomoR's visit to Parma University was for the sake of overseeing a ten-days summer training school that aimed at forming Parma-IUG groups that help reach fruitful outputs' results which are suitable for the work environment in the Palestinian Universities. The training contained a heavy load of training workshops and field visits to different Italian universities.

On the other hand, participants represented about the concept of "Open Data" and revealed its importance for repositories as it provides freely available information to everyone to use and republish as they wish, without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. Different tools have been utilized in the IUG Repository such as Open Educational Resources (OER), which are a highly qualified educational materials that act as a mechanism for educational innovation such as teacher networks. In addition, the Open Source Software (OSS) provides coding for software along open source license that allows for additional reuse, modification and distribution. Moreover, the Open Peer Review makes peer's review disseminated on the internet.

The second session highlighted essence information about the copyright and creative commons license and the ways of supervising the data. The creative Commons is a group of standard licenses that allows the copyright owners to grant certain rights to users virtually. There are several types of IUG Space licenses: cc (BY), cc (NC), cc (ND), cc (SA), cc0. The workshop has also contained discussions and specificific training on the ways of sharing the research data through the project of IUG Space, as well as, the mechanism of work in the IUG Space.