ROMOR Participates in EU Consultation Seminar on the EU Priorities for Palestine for 2017

ROMOR team at IUG represented by Prof. Samir Afifi and Rawia Awadallah has participated via video conference on the 6th of June 2017, in a seminar organized by the European Union Representative Office in Palestine.



The aim of this seminar was to have a dialogue with relevant representatives in West Bank and Gaze Strip on their proposed priorities for Palestine in 2017. These priorities have been developed in line with the European Joint Strategy in support of Palestine 2017-2020" and covering different sectors, including the support of Palestinian identity and culture. 

ROMOR team has participated in the discussions and has stressed the point on the importance of preserving the Palestinian universities research output and making it accessible as part of the efforts in support of the Palestinian identity. ROMOR team described their efforts towards realizing this objective, and the importance of supporting the Palestinian universities in building the required capacity for managing their intellectual properties in the appropriate way that guarantee the permanent availability and accessibility of their research output.