Vienna University of Technology TUWIEN

TUWIEN is the largest technical university in Austria. Its mission is “technology for people”. Through our research we develop scientific excellence, through teaching we enhance comprehensive competence. TUWIEN has 8 faculties, with the proposed project being located in the Faculty of Informatics. The faculty consists of 7 institutes has 53 professors, teaching 7 bachelor and 9 masters degrees in informatics as well as offering 3 PhD programs and a dedicated PhD School, with almost 7.000 students registered for these programs.

The Department of Software Technology and Interactive Systems has been actively involved in a number of research projects in the area of digital preservation and research data and process management. These include EU funded projects such as DELOS, PLANETS and SCAPE in FP6 and FP7, national projects such as Digital Memory Engineering, BenchmarkDP or e-Infrastructures Austria, consultancy projects both nationally as well as internationally, or involvement and chairing of international task groups such as the RDA working Group on Dynamic Data Citation (RDA-WGDC). The results have been integrated in dedicated lectures on digital preservation and scientific data management forming elective specialization courses in several computer science curricula at TUWIEN. They have also been taught in numerous Summer Schools and offered internationally as dedicated training programs on this domain both on an academic as well as practitioner level.

TUWIEN will contribute with its expertise in digital preservation, contributing and building on top of both existing lecturing material as well as offering consultancy on setting up repository infrastructures. Specifically, we will contribute our expertise in research data management, preservation planning processes, and evaluation/benchmarking of digital preservation infrastructures. We will also contribute tools developed as part of past and ongoing research projects such as the planning tool PLATO, monitoring tools such as SCOUT, the process migration framework PMF, or reference implementations for data citation.



Prof. Andreas Rauber

Kresimir Duretec

Artur Kulmukhametov

Tomasz Miksa