AL Quds Open University

QOU is an administratively, academically and financially independent public university. It was established in Amman by a decree issued by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and started operating in Palestine in 1991. QOU also works on integrating IT in the educational process by suitable means and gradually. As the University adopts the Open Education System, it is willing to widen its relation internationally with other Open Education institutions to exchange experience, research and other things as well.

Due to the flexibility and to the quality of its educational system, the number of learners Registered in the University has increased in 2009-2012 to reach more than 67,000. The university has twenty-two Educational Regions and Study Centers spreading all over the country, in addition to two Educational Centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an office in Amman, Jordan.

QOU adopts Open Education System to deliver knowledge to all society members, regardless of their backgrounds. It also makes its scientific and specialized training centers available to its learners and society members, to contribute to their empowerment through technological skills and knowledge. The university seeks to enable its graduates to build national institutions base d on their abilities and qualifications leading to the Palestinian dream.
QOU offers it services based on the philosophy of open learning. The aim is to prepare graduates to meet the needs of the community and labour market and give them the skills and ability to compete in local markets with the use of up to date educational techniques and technology.

QUO also concentrates on the role of academic research and expanding its relevance to the community. This will result in overall growth without compromising quality.
The Project learning outcomes from project activities will be shared, exploited and disseminated in a variety of ways, including the establishment of mechanisms to assist proactively other institutions in setting up and managing repositories. The research output within the context of the project will enhance the abilities of individuals, higher educational institutions to undertake and disseminate high quality research efficiently and effectively on the following levels individual, organizational and institutional.

The main goal of this phase is to facilitate individual and institutional learning that develops knowledge, skills and attitudes, and create adaptive procedures that enable them to sustain the projects.
The following list offers some ideas of different types of dissemination media that might consider using: Mailing lists Newsletters Briefings Conferences, E-mail, Reports, workshops, One-to-one, Mail base lists, Websites, Roadshows, Media, online platforms.


QOU Team:

Dr. Yousef S. Abuzir

Abdel Rahman Baraka