Palestine Technical University - Kadoorie

In 27/8/2008, Palestine Technical University was given a governmental accreditation and thus, became the very first ‘technical’ governmental university. The official name, ‘Palestine Technical University- KADOORIE’ was confirmed, after going through all procedures of accreditation with AQAC. The University is now seeking to gain accreditation for new degree programs that fulfil the expanding needs of local, national and regional labour markets.


The New Programs

Kadoorie (KAD) is working hard to establish new programs that meet the following criteria:

  • National Strategic Planning
  • The need for graduates in the local or the neighbouring markets
  • The universities own vision and mission

This means each specialization goes through:

  1. Each new program should be a priority to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. This program (Industrial Engineering) had the approval from the MOEHE to start as a new program at KAT – Kadoorie (which is a governmental University) and that means it fits with the National Plans in Palestine.
  2. Local Market surveys and studies show the need for such specialization in Palestine and in neighboring countries.
  3. Palestinian local market studies show an urgent need for distinguished skilful graduates in the field of Industrial Engineering.
  4. The rapid development of Palestinian economy shows the need for starting such a program.
  5. The program meets with the strategic plans and the mission of the university.
  6. The program is one of the engineering specializations that are supposed to be in the five year plan. 

In the five-year development plan the university aims to start different specializations based on the needs of the labour market.
Many collaboration agreements were established with national and international universities and other international bodies. The aim here was to open the door for KAD to enter the research and scientific discovery and thus join the ranks of other reputable universities in the region and around the world. In fact a new deanship in research had been established with the publication of KAD own research Journal
We have already one master program, 19 bachelor degree programs, and 11 diploma programs as well as 12 bachelor and diploma new programs are already applied to the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission (AQAC). The number of university students now is about 6500 students.

KAD will cooperate in the design and implementation of the IR’s and will populate them in line with best international practices. KAD will also participate in the advanced training to be offered by EU partners that will interconnect with the development of the IR’s to ensure practical knowledge is successfully acquired to meet the local needs.


KAD Team: 

Dr. Nael Salman

Dr. Arafat Zaidan

Dr. Basim AlSayid