WP7: Exploitation and Dissemination of Project Deliverables

Lead organization: QOU
Workpackage Type: Exploitation and Dissemination
Start date: 01/12/2016
End date: 30/09/2019

The partner PS HEIs will work on establishing and supporting an expandable and self-sustaining network of stakeholders. This will be centered on a website with a Wiki providing a shared infrastructure for the stakeholders’ network. It will create a coherent platform for proactive co-operation, collaboration, exchange and dissemination of research results and experience in the preservation of research output among local institutions such as libraries, archives, ICT and software developers, research institutions and universities, as well as other private and commercial sectors. It will include a comprehensive bibliography of information, and best practice recommendations as well as tools and training materials. Partner PS HEIs will organize workshops to train stakeholders on establishing reliable institutional repositories.


7.1 Develop exploitation strategy;
7.2 Develop dissemination plan;
7.3 Populate ROMOR platform;
7.4 Collaboration with stakeholders.