ROMOR aims to sustainably enhance the practice of research output management in the PS HEIs through enabling OAIRs as well as the advocacy in support of Open Access to research outputs. The specific objectives are:

  • map the current status of research dissemination in 4 PS HEIs and to identify the needs to integrate scholarly publishing and dissemination at these universities
  • prepare training and teaching material meeting the local needs for building capacity in implementing OAIR
  • build capacity needed for building, managing and sustaining OAIR
  • design and build 4 OAIRs in partner PS HEIs that interface with outputs such as journals, books, conference proceedings, theses, and research data
  • investigate key issues in populating and maintaining collections
  • scale-up the IUG IR to serve as a national OAIR
  • share widely the skills gained and to assist non-partner PS HEIs in setting up their OAIR
  • raise the awareness and promote collaborating and sharing of experience with different non- HEI stakeholders