Special Mobility Strand (SMS) Component

Lead organization: PARMA
Start date: 01/09/2017
End date: 15/06/2019



An additional aim of this project is to enhance the practice of digital curation and preservation (DCP) in local institutions in Palestine to ensure long-term availability and accessibility of their digital holdings. Particularly at fostering research for development and adoption of improved preservation procedures, and technologies in order to improve the quality, reliability, organization, management, and accessibility of digital data of importance to the institutions in Palestine. 

These objectives can be achieved by establishing research groups (RGs) in DCP at the partner PS HEIs with the help of the partner EU HEIs, this capacity can be built through the provision of educational opportunities and interdisciplinary research as well as encouraging exchange of students and staff in ICT-related programs between partner PS HEIs and partner EU HEIs. 

Student exchange will support a deeper integration and form the basis for joint theses supervision as well as helping students from Palestine to establish contacts with researchers at partner EU HEIs. While joint research activities between academic staff will help to strengthen and broaden the beginning cooperation between partner PS HEIs and EU partner.

In this component, 32 staff members and 40 students from Palestinian partner universities will benefit from mobility grants and scholarships in four European partner universities (Vienna University of Technology, The University of Parma, The University of Brighton, University of Glasgow).


SMS Documents: